About me. Family Photographer in Greece

I am glad to welcome you to my website! 

My name is Christina, I am a child and family photographer in Athens and on Greek Islands. In my work you will find a carefree and happy childhood, filled with love and happiness of a family. I do not force you to pose and look at the camera. I catch moments and paint magic. 

Being a mother of two I understand that working  with kids of any age might be challenging. My photography takes place in a playful and interesting way for children and adults. 

I really like to shoot photo walks at any time of the year, cozy home shooting, and make fairy tails in the woods.

I believe that photography is a great value if it is filled with meaning.

Because as time moves on, it is the memories of loved ones we will cherish documenting the most. Family photos can manifest emotions that words cannot. 

The next time you have you a family occasion or event that you want to remember, I hope you’ll think of me.

While participating in international photography competitions, I have acheived to be in TOP 10 photographers in Athens and TOP35 in Greece. 

Repeatedly took top places in various nominations. Was invited as a speaker and presenter of workshops. I lived in Dubai for 11 years, where my photography career began and I was included in the 50 best photographers in the UAE.

I also give individual photography classes, photography allows you not only to stop a moment, but to do it beautifully, to show what people do not notice in everyday life. This is what I teach my students to make beautiful and unique photos.

About me. Family Photographer in Greece
About me. Family Photographer in Greece
About me. Family Photographer in Greece